What Naval Ravikant Got Wrong

Health + good relationships =/= happiness.

What Naval Ravikant Got Wrong

I've reread The Almanack of Naval Ravikant 4 times now. It was my favorite book of 2020, but there are a few minor things I would change about it.


Naval gets wrong the order in which one should pursue health, knowledge, relationships, and wealth. He says to pursue wealth first. I think you should pursue health first. Developing good workout, sleep, hydration, and diet habits will make it easier to develop any other habits. Then pursue knowledge (reading books). Then relationships – go out and join clubs, make friends, and date people. (It is essential to read about red flags first because, as Naval said in the book, you can get screwed over in relationships. Naval was tricked out of a big business deal. We can minimize problems like that by reading about relationships and red flags.) Then develop wealth.


He says that:

Health + Good Relationships = Happiness

I think that:

Health + Knowledge + Good Relationships = Happiness

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