About Ian

Hi! I'm Ian Greer.

I'm a financial analyst, quant investor, founder, and lifelong learner.

What I'm working on

  1. This website. I read about 100 books per year and try to extract the most important information to include in my articles.
  2. Elwood Research (paid). Every Saturday, I send out my portfolio and research updates. I also give instant updates on my investment buys and sells.
  3. The Blueprint newsletter (free). Every Friday, I send out an email with the best content I consumed that week. Topics include personal finance, investing, business, and marketing.
  4. My book. Coming soon. The working title is The Laws of Success: Timeless Lessons on Business, Finance, and Human Nature.

When I'm not reading, writing, or analyzing cryptocurrencies, I like to do music production (hip-hop, R&B, and EDM), powerlifting, distance running, and go hiking.


Email: ian@iangreer.io

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