URGENT: Buy Tesla Stock

Buy TSLA around $750.

URGENT: Buy Tesla Stock
Photo by Charlie Deets 

Disclaimer: None of the following is financial advice. Only buy what makes sense for you and check with your financial advisor before making any investment. Do your own research.

Figure 1 shows the Bollinger Bands for Tesla stock (TSLA). In technical analysis, it is a buy signal for the stock price to reach the lower Bollinger Band. TSLA is approaching the lower Bollinger Band. In short, BUY TSLA around $750.

Tesla stock has not been at this Bollinger Band level for ~a year. The blue arrows in Figure 1 show the current price level and the last time it was at a similar Bollinger Band level.

The last time TSLA hit the lower Bollinger Band, the stock price doubled in 6 months.

Figure 1: Tesla Stock Bollinger Bands

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