Ian Greer Master Plan

When you get right down to the root of the meaning of the word "succeed," you find that it simply means to follow through. – F. W. Nichol

Ian Greer Master Plan

My Mission

My mission is to help people achieve happiness.

What is happiness?

My definition of happiness comes from Naval Ravikant's idea that happiness = wealth + good relationships + health.

Why happiness?

Happiness is the cure for the health and mental health epidemics.

There is an epidemic of health and mental health problems. I believe that 99% of mental health problems are caused by a lack of happiness (health, wealth, and good relationships).

If my businesses succeed, we can solve wealth inequality, loneliness, mental health problems, and health problems.

In theory, happiness would solve most of the big problems of our time. If people have adequate money and don't need to work, they could take care of their own children, which solves the lack of childcare problem.

How will you achieve your mission?

I will achieve my mission over the next 20-30 years by starting 3 businesses. One to help people become wealthy. One to help people develop good relationships. And one to help people become healthy and fit. I plan to work on each business for 7-10 years before starting the next.

The Vision

The wealth business

The main product of the wealth business will be a digital wallet app that invests for people. Ideally, they will be able to download the app, connect their bank account, and we will be able to manage their investments for them. I'll be able to buy stocks and crypto at the best time to get them the best return on their investment. The wealth business will primarily invest in crypto, to take advantage of emerging technology. We will also integrate crypto into the business itself, by accepting crypto payments and finding creative ways to incorporate the latest in the crypto space, such as NFTs and DAOs. We will also have masterminds and courses that will help people take their businesses to the next level. After the relationship business' AI is created, we will be able to group people with similar interests, values, and locations together. The app will let you invest in anything you want or the app can invest for you.

The relationships business

The main product of the relationships business will be an app. Users will be able to quickly schedule hangouts and dates with the press of a button. The app uses AI to determine what activity you both would enjoy, taking price, interests, travel distance, etc into consideration. The AI will know your budget and how much you usually spend when you go out. The AI will also be able to pair you with new potential friends or dates and it will be able to accurately predict if two people will mesh based on interests and values. I'm not sure exactly how we will get the information to train the AI to learn what interests people have, but a rudimentary way to start would be to analyze what videos people watch, what books they read, and what platforms they are on. We could also select for distance. In short, the app will pair you with new or old friends or romantic partners for hangouts or dates based on interests, values, and location. The app will set you up on surprise vacations and experiences that are specifically designed to foster new relationships. The best part is that the app can make the entire trip a surprise for the user and schedule fun things for them to do. For instance, the AI will know what kind of music a person likes by checking the Spotify listening history. Then send people to a music festival where their favorite artists are performing and pair them with a group of random people. The people will be selected by interests, values, and location, so when the festival is over, the group can continue to be friends because they live near each other. But the business is not only an app. It will also sell information products on how to develop and maintain friendships, family, and romantic relationships.

The health business

The health business ties in a lot with the relationship business. We will use the same AI to pair people into fitness and health classes. From cooking classes to Yoga classes to powerlifting to distance running. And the AI will know about your allergies and food intolerances so it will put you into a cooking class that it knows you will love. Technology will create unparalleled experiences. We will also make the best fitness classes that will help you achieve your fitness goals. We will also have information products explaining the essentials of diet, hydration, sleep, and exercise. Gene sequencing will give the AI immense data on the individual's health profile and can stop health problems before they arise. We will have wearables like the Oura ring that will track vitals and give us more data on our customers, so we can tailor the experience to them. The app will also tell them what workout to do for any type of workout they want. And it will be able to analyze their progress (through IOT scales, etc) and tell them what they are doing wrong and how to improve. It will also pair them up with other people doing the exact same workout so that they can workout together.

Each business will use its revenue to invest in the latest technology. The wealth business will use blockchain/web 3 technology and create a digital wallet. The relationships business will use AI. And the health business will use DNA sequencing. A holding company will be created to use the revenue from one business to help fund the others and to share technology and talent between the companies.

Each business will use the latest technology in their industry to create info products, physical products, services, and experiences that are 10X (or 100X) better than anything available today. The wealth business will incorporate blockchain technology. The relationships business will use artificial intelligence to match friends and romantic partners together. The health business will use DNA sequencing to find and fix health problems accurately.

Each business will incorporate some psychology, philosophy, motivation, and mindset coaching because people need 3 things to succeed:

  1. A plan
  2. To stop their internal limiting beliefs
  3. To stop their external limiting beliefs (politics, economy, race, gender)

What are you doing today?

I am working on the wealth business. The business model is to sell a $2,000/year crypto/stock picker newsletter.

I am also working on a book on investing in crypto and stocks. The book will be adapted into an online course. Likely, the ebook will cost $10 and the video course will cost $200. They will both upsell into the $2000/year newsletter.

I am also writing 3 blog posts per week, making YouTube videos, and making TikTok videos to increase my exposure to potential customers.

The revenue will be re-invested into the business to develop an app that allows me to invest for our customers (digital wallet prototype). As stated above, the app will be user-friendly and allow non-technical people to simply connect their bank accounts and have the app invest in crypto, stocks, and other assets for them.

What could the newsletter revenue look like?

The newsletter could grow to multi-million dollar yearly revenue.

$2,000 per year newsletter subscription.

  • Goal 1: 50 subs = $100,000/yr
  • Goal 2: 250 subs = $500,000/yr
  • Goal 3: 500 subs = $1 million/yr
  • Goal 5: 5,000 subs = $10 million/yr

Customer churn will be near-zero. Customers will renew their subscriptions because it is a no-brainer to buy something for $2,000 that makes you 10X that much.

How does this help people today?

The newsletter and information products are designed to make it easy for people to become wealthy. Not worrying about money is the first step to happiness.

Once our customers become wealthy, they will be able to afford the expensive products, services, classes, and experiences that the relationship and health businesses will offer in the future.


All 3 businesses will sequentially take our customers on a journey to achieve happiness. We will first make them wealthy, then find them friends and a romantic partner, then we will make them healthy and fit. Along the way, we will give them the information necessary to manage personal finances, maintain good relationships, and develop good health habits.

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