Friday Finds 43

The number of people you meet will determine your success. – Derek Sivers

Friday Finds 43
Photo by Matthew Henry

The number of people you meet will determine your success. – Derek Sivers

Book of the Week

Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins

Best Videos of the Week

Alex read The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson and thinks that MEDIA is the most important of the 4 types of leverage: (1) CAPITAL, (2) EMPLOYEES, (3) CODE, and (4) MEDIA. Media = social media (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc). Start building an audience NOW.

"You can buy the skills that make you $1 million a year for like $50,000 and people just don't know it." – Alex Hormozi, quote from video above

Summary of Balaji & Eric video above:

  1. Say your favorite book is a technical book (in a job interview). Like a math, physics, or coding textbook. Not a popular fiction or non-fiction book.
  2. In 5-10 years, the majority of English speakers online will be Indian. The largest cohort of viewers, likes, commenters, and subscribers will be Indian.
  3. In college, read the textbook instead of going to lectures. Get the recommended textbook and 2 others on the same subject. See which explains each concept best. See which concepts are highlighted as most important between all 3.
  4. Don’t read physics and math textbooks, just go to the in-line example problems. Only read the text for that section if you can’t do the problem.
  1. Gershenfeld — The Nature of Mathematical Modeling
  2. The Princeton Companion to Mathematics
  3. Paul Tipler physics textbooks
  4. Howard Anton Calculus BC
  5. Google: “Programing language examples like cookbook.”
  6. Test-driven development with Python

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