David Senra and Sam Parr Interview (Key Takeaways)

"Excellence is the capacity to take pain."

David Senra and Sam Parr Interview (Key Takeaways)

Sam Altman's (CEO of OpenAI) favorite book is The Mind of Napoleon by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Read Sam Parr's Hampton blog.

Affirmations and manifestations are not BS. Tons of successful people use them, like Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edwin Land (Polaroid), Steve Jobs, Estée Lauder, and Bob Noyce (Intel).

Podcasting = creating relationships at scale. It's the ultimate form of networking.

"Excellence is the capacity to take pain."

  • This is why I love distance running. It teaches you to be ok with being uncomfortable for a long time.

Bill Gates is like Genghis Khan in a Mr. Rogers costume. Most successful founders, athletes, etc. are absolutely ruthless.

When Steve Jobs was at Pixar, he realized that there are no books on animation in the library because there was only one company that did it successfully (Disney) and they don't want anyone to find out how to do it and how lucrative it is.

Charge a high price. The guys at the Acquired podcast have one of the most profitable podcasts. Patrick O'Shaughnessy (investor/podcaster) told them that they don't charge enough for their ads. So they tripled their price and still sold ads. Then they tripled the price again and still sold ads.

Successful people read and listen to business podcasts all the time.

David is thinking about businesses that he can make and advertise on his podcast.

  • Tegus (on-demand consulting with experts) is one business that blew up from podcast ads. Patrick Bet-David is making a similar business.

Once you become successful, you need to worry about maintaining your success. Connor McGregor, Kanye West, and many others who became rich and famous at a young age couldn't handle it.

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