Career Advice from former Coinbase CTO (Balaji Srinivasan)

Learn skills, get a top tech job, and invest.

Career Advice from former Coinbase CTO (Balaji Srinivasan)

Top skills to learn:

  1. Computer Programming
  2. Statistics
  3. Data Science

Career advice:

Get a high-paying job at a company like Google, Facebook, or an up-and-coming tech company. Work hard for a year and become indispensable—this gives you negotiating leverage. Then ask for a raise and ask to work remotely. Then move to the cheapest area you can. and Nomad List have lists of places with low costs of living. Invest all of your money. Do this until you become financially free.

There are 3 options for developing wealth:

  1. Make a business (most difficult because you need to be world-class to survive).
  2. Become a high-salary employee (also difficult, only world-class employees get very high salaries).
  3. Invest. It takes a lot of work to learn finance and research assets, but it is the easiest and anyone can do it.

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