Kraken Resume

Kraken Resume

Resume for the Junior Trader position:

1-minute video cover letter:

The 8 main reasons why I will be an asset to Kraken:

  1. My mission is the same as Kraken’s. My mission is also to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency so that everyone can achieve financial freedom and inclusion.
  2. I am obsessed with crypto. I read crypto books, listen to crypto podcasts, and follow crypto news in my free time.
  3. I learn quickly. I can learn anything by practicing, reading books, taking courses, and receiving guidance from more experienced people.
  4. I am young and motivated. I have the energy and dedication to work harder than our competitors.
  5. I understand the employer’s perspective. A good employee does three things: (1) Bring in more profit than the cost of their salary/benefits, (2) fit in with company culture by having genuine connections with coworkers, and (3) solve their boss’ problems.
  6. I fit in with Kraken’s culture. I recently read the “Kraken Culture Explained” article and listened to the “Working at Kraken #6” podcast from 2019 with Jesse Powell, and I believe I am a perfect Krakenite candidate.
  7. I fit in with Kraken’s values. I promote security, privacy, personal freedom, and civil liberties. I’m hardworking, somewhat introverted, humble, kind, and not "woke.”
  8. Trial period. I realize that anyone can claim to have Kraken’s ideal values and qualities, so I’m offering a free trial. I can work for free for 4 weeks, so your team can verify that I do great work and fit in with the company culture. If my work is unsatisfactory in any way, I walk away, no questions asked. This should remove some of the cost and difficulty of the hiring process.